Short Poetry

Poem #1

Frozen rain poured down

Around us, chilling to the bone,

But all I feel is warmth

When I’m with you.

Poem #2

A mind in shambles,

Lost and useless, broken by worthless.

Mind over matter is the saying,

But when the mind is ruined,

What do you do then?

Poem #3

Falling down to my knees

Before you, I beg for mercy

For the sins I have committed,

But I could not control who I am?

Let Go

I never needed anyone to hold me,

It was never needed to feel love.

The warmth of you was unwanted

And unwelcome, my independence

Meant your sorry self was without a job,

And a sorry job it was, trying to

Warm and protect the dead.

I need  no one to hold me,

Need no one to protect me,

For the warmth is unwanted,

And my independence rids me

Of you for good.

Short Poetry #3

Poem #1

Can the barriers in society

Disappear for just one night

So I can spread my wings

And show my true identity.


Poem #2

It wasn’t until the cold

That warmth was experienced.


Poem #3


Out above the waves,

With the sea in my hair,

I stand with a foot in the air,

Ready to fall into the cave

Below the water, my new home,

That beautiful and sweet catacomb.