I looked in the mirror

To look at my outfit

For the night.


Instead, I saw the demon

That lives inside and

I suddenly did not want to live.


Poem #2

In the darkness I walk,

Afraid of what is around

The corner and afraid

Of what I might encounter.


Eyes, bright red eyes have found me,

Staring straight into me and pierce

My soul. In this darkness,

I was right to fear the black mirror.

Small Poems #5

Poem #1

Dark wings of wrath

Sweep down on earth

And breathe absolute havoc.


Poem #2

Orbiting the stars, I feel

Lighter than a million feathers,

But only when I am with you.


Poem #3

Feeling free and flying high

Let us go home tonight.


Poem #4

Black mirror of mine,

Gaze deep within

And witness my sorrow.

Empty Eyes

The eyes are a gateway to the soul. If the eyes are broken or lifeless, then it is easy to see that the person in possession of the eyes has been severely hurt.

Empty Eyes


I wasn’t always so hollow,

Completely broken down and shallow,

With no light in my eyes.

Some people will let out a sigh

Of pity when I describe

My scenario, they think it’s a crime

To be robbed of life and color,

But my hollow eyes appear to be normal to me.