Take a Bow

Easy to call a man a hoe

And easy to call a woman a slut

Just for refusing to adhere to

Societal norms that requires

Someone to put out after a dinner

And a half-assed B-rate movie.

We are shamed from being strong

And confident, for refusing to lower

Our standards to the level of lust.

Never bow and never fall to pressure

Lest you wish to become weak just

Like the people surrounding you.

Gray Light

My essence shines in the day,

A harsh and desperate gray

Longing to see more and feel

More, to feel human and real.


So gray and bland,

I feel like another particle

In the infinite sand

Of the plain carnival.


I look and around to see

The unfortunate and gray sea,

Wondering if my aura can change

To become and stay something strange.


In a world of gray sadness

Full of desperate and lonely souls,

I want to escape the madness

And the insanity of the black hole


Of this unfortunate society,

For all I want to see is color,

And not the society of gray anxiety

Because for once, I want to wonder.


I looked in the mirror

To look at my outfit

For the night.


Instead, I saw the demon

That lives inside and

I suddenly did not want to live.


Poem #2

In the darkness I walk,

Afraid of what is around

The corner and afraid

Of what I might encounter.


Eyes, bright red eyes have found me,

Staring straight into me and pierce

My soul. In this darkness,

I was right to fear the black mirror.

Short Poetry #2

Poem #1

So many precious gems,

Yet I shed a tear for I

Cannot find my diamond.


Poem #2

It wasn’t until the cold

That warmth was experienced.


Poem #3

Unwanted and not cherished,

I do not regret having perished

At your hands, cruel society.


Poem #4

It was never about love,

Not with you,

It was just for the attention.



Small Poems #7

Poem #1

The death of me

Was the birth of you.


Poem #2

You helped me breath,

But when you left,

I died of no hope.


Poem #3

I lost my sanity

Long ago,

But when I was freed of you,

My mind was finally clear.


Poem #4

The blackbird sang of love,

Calling and listening for a reply,

But white-birds reject the black

For dark feathers hold no value.

Electronic Greeting

Our society has become fixated with technology. Because of this, we humans have become shallow.

Electric Greetings


Forever distant from each other

Despite your proximity to another

Human being, our culture fixates

On being together, yet interaction

Is not encouraged.

The more common this becomes,

The hollower our society grows

And shallows for in us all.

Friends walk side by side,

Talking not to each other,

But to their phones instead.

This will gradually become habit

And an electronic greeting

Will be the norm for all.

When this occurs, when the day arrives

Society will be at a new hollow.