Marble Tower

There was no room left for you

On the marble pedestal I made

For us to live and breathe side by side,

Slowly weathered away by acid rain

That poured from your finger tips,

Burning me with every touch.

The marble stand begins to bend,

Failing and crumbling because of you,

Burning and unleashing constant pain

Onto my fragile skin,

But I stay will stay strong.

Desires of the Heart

A poem with two voices speaking about a relationship that was perceived differently by the two people.


I love you.

I loved you.

We connected in a way I never had before.

You were for simple pleasure.

When I asked for, you complained.

You wanted what I couldn’t give.

Time and love. A family.

Our priorities were so different,

I want to still love you.

It was time to move on.

I can’t live without you.

You were just for fun.

I need to be with you.

We both agreed to fun, nothing more.

I can’t take it.

It feels good to breath again.

The blood running down my skin feels good.

The cold air is refreshing.



Let Go

I never needed anyone to hold me,

It was never needed to feel love.

The warmth of you was unwanted

And unwelcome, my independence

Meant your sorry self was without a job,

And a sorry job it was, trying to

Warm and protect the dead.

I need  no one to hold me,

Need no one to protect me,

For the warmth is unwanted,

And my independence rids me

Of you for good.

My Poisonous Antidote

Inside the soul I felt the connection,

I felt that warm injection

Reach my inner being,

My heartbeat fleeing


The from the pain of the past

And running to you fast,

Hoping to feel the connection again,

That sweet injection I must obtain.


Are you the poison to do me in,

Bring me down by my sin,

Or are you the antidote

That will help me regain control?



Short Poetry #2

Poem #1

So many precious gems,

Yet I shed a tear for I

Cannot find my diamond.


Poem #2

It wasn’t until the cold

That warmth was experienced.


Poem #3

Unwanted and not cherished,

I do not regret having perished

At your hands, cruel society.


Poem #4

It was never about love,

Not with you,

It was just for the attention.



Beautiful Nightmare

I dreamed a dream I

Never wanted to see,

Of love and great passion.


It was a beautiful nightmare,

One that I wanted to end,

But for it to also never end.


Fear of love and passion,

Afraid to commit,

But ready for more,


I want this nightmare

To become beautiful

But I am simply afraid.