Sitting still and waiting for a change

To occur in this world of cringe

And desolation, lost to the rain

That pours down on the sinners

Who have been living in pain.

For a brief moment, we are a winner,

Until the world suddenly shakes

With anger once again, throwing

Us from our peaceful break

Of forgetting of the world’s fever.

Marble Tower

There was no room left for you

On the marble pedestal I made

For us to live and breathe side by side,

Slowly weathered away by acid rain

That poured from your finger tips,

Burning me with every touch.

The marble stand begins to bend,

Failing and crumbling because of you,

Burning and unleashing constant pain

Onto my fragile skin,

But I stay will stay strong.


See the pain you put me through.

How can you understand?

How can you understand

The pain you put me through

On a daily basis,

Unconcerned with my safety

And more concerned with getting off.

How can I make you understand

That I hurt deep down,

My body aches every moment

That I am with you,

There is nothing sweet about you,

Only the taste of sulfur.

How can I make you understand,

How can you understand

What pain is, when all you do

Is inflict lashes against my bare body.

How can I make you understand

That we no longer exist in the realm

Of affection and tolerance,

That you now must remain away,

Unless you wish to sleep behind,

Metal rods and suffer the same way

That I had to suffer.

Maybe a rod against your will

Will be enough to make you

Understand the pain I felt.



My skin is burns underneath the surface,

Ants crawling up and down,

Setting fire to every cell in my body

And an uncontrollable itch and pain

In an unreachable place.


I claw at my skin,

Talons tearing the skin to shreds,

Blood pours from my wounds,

Yet there is no relief

The anguish I feel.


My heart beats faster,

Breathing gets heavier

With every passing moment

Desperate to feel more,

To feel more than never-ending pain.


My skin dangles from muscle,

Tendons twitching from the fresh air

And tears that pour from my cheeks,

Blood drips to the floor, but all this pain

Led to no eternal relief,

As I know there will be a resurgence of pain.



Desires of the Heart

A poem with two voices speaking about a relationship that was perceived differently by the two people.


I love you.

I loved you.

We connected in a way I never had before.

You were for simple pleasure.

When I asked for, you complained.

You wanted what I couldn’t give.

Time and love. A family.

Our priorities were so different,

I want to still love you.

It was time to move on.

I can’t live without you.

You were just for fun.

I need to be with you.

We both agreed to fun, nothing more.

I can’t take it.

It feels good to breath again.

The blood running down my skin feels good.

The cold air is refreshing.



Double Down

Two lengthier poems in one.

Poem #1 

Inside the dreams of the past,

I hid behind the memories

Of sweet love to escape

The pain of the present

And the future for me is unknown,

The cage I live in hurts

My aching body and damaged soul;

I wish for better days,

When I am no longer trapped.


Poem #2

Flying above the sky,

I fly away from the pain

You cause me in a supposed haven,

Destroying me from within

And leaving my body bruised.

I spread my wings to fly

And escape the pain.

The Sorrow

Revolving in the deep darkness

Sits the young creature filled with madness,

Curled up in pain and fear

Of their true power and strength.

Filled with rage, covered in black,

The creature sits and waits,

Waits before the blood boils

And unleashes wrath unto

The sorry souls in the path.

It is not done out of hate,

But out of sorrow for the world,

For the decimated and ruined world

That no one should continue to live in.

Short Poetry #5

Poem #1

Your are my light,

Coming to the rescue

In my darkest night.


Poem #2

Saved from the cliff

And the roaring waves,

I begin to wonder if

The watery grave

Was my destiny.


Poem #3

The thorns you possess

Gave me infinite pleasure,

The pain was the only

Thing enjoyable about you.


Poem #4

Once I saw the light of the sun,

I said to you I was done.