Short Poetry

Poem #1

Soft and tender,

Fiery passion,

Yet emptiness persists.

Poem #2

Despite the poison you injected

Into my stone heart,

I only beat with you,

Even with all the damage you cause.

Poem #3

Waiting for something more,

Hoping to be fulfilled and full,

Yet still sitting and waiting

Empty and filling, yet not full;

Just perspective matters.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Your eyes hold the sorrow

Of a thousand broken hearts;

Lost and distraught in this reality

Where no peace can ever be found.

Poem #2

Following above as you grow,

Fortune fell upon you,

Ensuring no harm came to you

On this unforgiving world.

Poem #3

The wandering eye

Wept at the blood in the sky

That fell from angels.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Sail through the skies

With me tonight,

Fly with me above

The clouds and no harm

Shall befall your tender sweetness.


Poem #2

Discover the light within

My heart;

Follow to me to your heaven,

Here in my arms.

Poem #3

Out beyond the vastness of space,

Between the stars and meteors,

Only there do I feel safe,

On a trip among the stars.

Short Poetry #8

Poem #1

Tears fall for deaf ears

And blind eyes, for the unwavering

With thick and uncaring skin.


Poem #2

Desperate for attention,

Your heart sought the wrong things;

Wanting to feel complete,

Your heart was damaged beyond repair.


Poem #3


Time sped by

Like a bullet from a gun.

Time was consumed by the menial,

There was no such thing as fun.

Short Poetry #5

Poem #1

Your are my light,

Coming to the rescue

In my darkest night.


Poem #2

Saved from the cliff

And the roaring waves,

I begin to wonder if

The watery grave

Was my destiny.


Poem #3

The thorns you possess

Gave me infinite pleasure,

The pain was the only

Thing enjoyable about you.


Poem #4

Once I saw the light of the sun,

I said to you I was done.

Random Poetry

This contains a mixture of poem styles.


Poem #1 

Little light shines

In my obsidian cage.


A Simple Desire

I long for something simple;

Two simple things really,

A desire and a touch

I have not felt in years.


Just to find my something simple,

It would be great and fun

To feel that amazing touch

Once again and forever.


Poem #3

Touch me right,

feel my engine purr

And let us sing.


Poem #4

This world full of black

Skies and life

Embodies humanity.


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