I feel you

Do not worry my child,

It will be okay

For you to cry when you arrive,

For I will always be here by your side,

Even if we’re thousands of miles apart,

It will always be okay.


I will be there when you cry,

I will be there when you’re heartbroken

I will be there when you’re homesick.


I will always love you,

My dearest,

Do not be afraid.

Do not worry, you’ll be home soon,

Everything will be okay.


Short Poetry

Poem #1

Frozen rain poured down

Around us, chilling to the bone,

But all I feel is warmth

When I’m with you.

Poem #2

A mind in shambles,

Lost and useless, broken by worthless.

Mind over matter is the saying,

But when the mind is ruined,

What do you do then?

Poem #3

Falling down to my knees

Before you, I beg for mercy

For the sins I have committed,

But I could not control who I am?

Desires of the Heart

A poem with two voices speaking about a relationship that was perceived differently by the two people.


I love you.

I loved you.

We connected in a way I never had before.

You were for simple pleasure.

When I asked for, you complained.

You wanted what I couldn’t give.

Time and love. A family.

Our priorities were so different,

I want to still love you.

It was time to move on.

I can’t live without you.

You were just for fun.

I need to be with you.

We both agreed to fun, nothing more.

I can’t take it.

It feels good to breath again.

The blood running down my skin feels good.

The cold air is refreshing.



Short Poetry #8

Poem #1

Tears fall for deaf ears

And blind eyes, for the unwavering

With thick and uncaring skin.


Poem #2

Desperate for attention,

Your heart sought the wrong things;

Wanting to feel complete,

Your heart was damaged beyond repair.


Poem #3


Time sped by

Like a bullet from a gun.

Time was consumed by the menial,

There was no such thing as fun.

Short Poetry #6

Poem #1

In the unknown shadows

You walked by my side,

Waiting for me to stop and see

Your demonic blue eyes.


Poem #2

Free to love;

That is a dream

That will never

Become my reality.


Poem #3

All that was wanted

Was a little sugar

And your bright smile.

Instead, I got

Your wicked poison.

Short Poetry #5

Poem #1

Your are my light,

Coming to the rescue

In my darkest night.


Poem #2

Saved from the cliff

And the roaring waves,

I begin to wonder if

The watery grave

Was my destiny.


Poem #3

The thorns you possess

Gave me infinite pleasure,

The pain was the only

Thing enjoyable about you.


Poem #4

Once I saw the light of the sun,

I said to you I was done.

Healer Wanted

It is hard sitting and waiting,

Waiting for the right person.

Person of interest, visit my soul,

A soul full of pain and trauma,

Trauma inflicted by knives,

Knives full of poison and love.

Love, a word and concept I hate,

Hate with more passion than my soul.

My soul needs healing.

Is healing your skill.

Unwanted trauma and poison,

Poison me or heal me.

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Short Poetry #4

Poem #1

Depictions of love and romance

Surround us all, flooding the senses,

Making the empty desire

What is unattainable

To the different and odd,

Those that cannot enjoy

The comfort of normal love

Because of separate desires.

Poem #2

In the desolate shadows,

The lonely sparrow sang,

Awaiting a sweet reply,

But receiving only deadly silence.

Poem #3

Leaves fall and so do hearts;

In the cold of winter

Not even fire can survive.