I feel you

Do not worry my child,

It will be okay

For you to cry when you arrive,

For I will always be here by your side,

Even if we’re thousands of miles apart,

It will always be okay.


I will be there when you cry,

I will be there when you’re heartbroken

I will be there when you’re homesick.


I will always love you,

My dearest,

Do not be afraid.

Do not worry, you’ll be home soon,

Everything will be okay.


Short Poetry

Poem #1

Frozen rain poured down

Around us, chilling to the bone,

But all I feel is warmth

When I’m with you.

Poem #2

A mind in shambles,

Lost and useless, broken by worthless.

Mind over matter is the saying,

But when the mind is ruined,

What do you do then?

Poem #3

Falling down to my knees

Before you, I beg for mercy

For the sins I have committed,

But I could not control who I am?

Desires of the Heart

A poem with two voices speaking about a relationship that was perceived differently by the two people.


I love you.

I loved you.

We connected in a way I never had before.

You were for simple pleasure.

When I asked for, you complained.

You wanted what I couldn’t give.

Time and love. A family.

Our priorities were so different,

I want to still love you.

It was time to move on.

I can’t live without you.

You were just for fun.

I need to be with you.

We both agreed to fun, nothing more.

I can’t take it.

It feels good to breath again.

The blood running down my skin feels good.

The cold air is refreshing.



Short Poetry #8

Poem #1

Tears fall for deaf ears

And blind eyes, for the unwavering

With thick and uncaring skin.


Poem #2

Desperate for attention,

Your heart sought the wrong things;

Wanting to feel complete,

Your heart was damaged beyond repair.


Poem #3


Time sped by

Like a bullet from a gun.

Time was consumed by the menial,

There was no such thing as fun.

Short Poetry #6

Poem #1

In the unknown shadows

You walked by my side,

Waiting for me to stop and see

Your demonic blue eyes.


Poem #2

Free to love;

That is a dream

That will never

Become my reality.


Poem #3

All that was wanted

Was a little sugar

And your bright smile.

Instead, I got

Your wicked poison.

Short Poetry #5

Poem #1

Your are my light,

Coming to the rescue

In my darkest night.


Poem #2

Saved from the cliff

And the roaring waves,

I begin to wonder if

The watery grave

Was my destiny.


Poem #3

The thorns you possess

Gave me infinite pleasure,

The pain was the only

Thing enjoyable about you.


Poem #4

Once I saw the light of the sun,

I said to you I was done.