Forest Cry

I followed the call of the screams

That echoed deeper into the forest,

Behind the mangled fingers and wooden beasts;

I could hear the cry of innocence

Begging to be rescued and taken to safety

From the demons lurking in the shadows,

Prancing around the forest,

Playing with the food it has been presented with.

The shadows grow closer,

Taunting and using my mind

To get closer to corrupt the innocence.

Short Poetry

Poem #1

Lost in the blue horizon

Of your simple, innocent soul;

A quality the world no longer possesses

And one the world doesn’t deserve.

I wished you had not lived,

So you could have died innocent and clean.


Poem #2

Come to me my lovely poison,

Fresh and rejuvenating to the body;

I wish to consume you,

No matter the harm incurred.


Poem #3

I could not go on

Without you by my side,

For your animal skin

Made my primal animal quiver.