Bleeding Ears

Noise, noise, noise

All I hear is the noise of your

Bickering and complaining for

Not getting your way,

For facing a single roadblock

That does not budge to your privilege.

Loud and obnoxious noise rises

Higher onto the ears of the unwitting

Masses that are the unfortunate victims.

Screams of privilege permeate into

The night, wailing for not getting their way

In a society that requires hard-work.

Take a Bow

Easy to call a man a hoe

And easy to call a woman a slut

Just for refusing to adhere to

Societal norms that requires

Someone to put out after a dinner

And a half-assed B-rate movie.

We are shamed from being strong

And confident, for refusing to lower

Our standards to the level of lust.

Never bow and never fall to pressure

Lest you wish to become weak just

Like the people surrounding you.

Without Identity

The pain I feel keeps me alive

And keeps me from losing sanity,

Yet, I grow numb with you by my side,

Numb with every passing day

As you enter my mouth,

As essential as water for my survival.

Without you I am nothing,

But with you I lose my identity

And the pain subsides, if only

For brief reprieves from sorrow,

And who I was is present in the mirror

Looking back in shame of who

I have become. Dependent on you,

I have lost my identity but I cannot

Leave to rediscover myself

Unless I wish to find myself without life

And simply another statistic for you.


Run Away

I ran away from the demons that haunted me,

Running from the absolute pain,

Whirlwinds of torture and torment

Tearing at my supple flesh,

I run away from the horrors of you,

The demons that you released

Onto my deserted path,

I run away from the pain

Of the demons that haunt me

As long as I am with you.