Gray Light

My essence shines in the day,

A harsh and desperate gray

Longing to see more and feel

More, to feel human and real.


So gray and bland,

I feel like another particle

In the infinite sand

Of the plain carnival.


I look and around to see

The unfortunate and gray sea,

Wondering if my aura can change

To become and stay something strange.


In a world of gray sadness

Full of desperate and lonely souls,

I want to escape the madness

And the insanity of the black hole


Of this unfortunate society,

For all I want to see is color,

And not the society of gray anxiety

Because for once, I want to wonder.

Short Poetry

Poem #1

Rotten and cruel,

Hot as magma

But as dumb as a mule

And colder than frozen aqua

I am glad to be rid of you.

Poem #2

The taste of your flesh

Feels good on my lips.

As I dig into your skin,

I can feel the blood and

Savor your taste and fragrance.

Poem #3

Love knows no bounds,

But with you,

Love stopped before

The first sound.

Poem #4

Swipe left, swipe right,

Keep distracting to ignore humans,

For human contact is unnecessary.

All I need is my phone to fill this

Small void inside me.


Up high in the sky,

Past the bright stars,

Lies the dust of life.


The dust that forms humanity

Has never settled down,

Always being shaken,


Allowing for change

And endless growth.

We are the dust


And we must always

Move, shaking and spinning

And creating new dust.

Human Angel

If we could stop and look around,

What would you see in front of you?

You would see people,

Different than you,

But human nonetheless.

Some are afraid of home,

Coming to freedom with nothing

Other than what they wear,

Yet people fear the worst

From those most desperate,

For aid, clothes, food,

Things we take for granted.

They are human,

Like you and I.

Help the helpless,

Aid a human like you,

Fear not their helplessness,

Provide a helping hand,

Be an angel to a human in need.


A working title for a working story, hopefully the response is good. I don’t know where I am going with this story but at the same time I do.


Fire burns in the sky. Thunder rumbles but it is not that of nature. Bastard lightning strikes from the clouds and splits everything it touches in two.

Buildings lay broken and construed across the barren earth. No weed or blade of grass grows; water no longer exists and sun no longer shines. Soil has become sand and broken bones have become ash. Hazardous wind blows and sweeps everything away, its hideous fingers greedily taking what remains.

Not a bird flies nor does a mouse scuttle; every animal is gone. The oceans have died with marine life inedible. Birds fell from the sky, feathers burning and screeches roaring as they fell. Land animals consumed fire and died from within, this was the fate for those that survived after the initial damage.

This hell was brought upon by the Ruler, the one from my country. The name so satanic, it was erased from history books when those things existed. I still remember the name and refuse to acknowledge it. The Ruler died at their own hand, but sadly billions joined their side.

I always knew this utterance existed, but I never thought it would ever be used. Let alone, I must bear this distinction.

“I am the last human alive.”

Micro Poetry

A flurry of micro poems for today.



A damaged flower

is an unwanted one.



We are humans,

Not demons

Or angels.



One pill

Equals goodbye.



My mind descends

With each passing day.



Be not the sheep

But the shepherd.



With a broken wing,

The bird looks to the sun,

Knowing it can never fly again.