Life in Color

Why is it that I feel this way around you,

Colors sound lounder,

Lights are more vibrant,

The world feels better when you’re next to me

And becomes dull when I’m away from you,

For once I finally feel free

From the cage in my mind but as soon

As you walk away, the light dies once again

And the soul cries showers of rain,

Longing to have the colors sound louder,

Longing for the lights to be vibrant,

Longing for your healing presence.

Double Down

Two lengthier poems in one.

Poem #1 

Inside the dreams of the past,

I hid behind the memories

Of sweet love to escape

The pain of the present

And the future for me is unknown,

The cage I live in hurts

My aching body and damaged soul;

I wish for better days,

When I am no longer trapped.


Poem #2

Flying above the sky,

I fly away from the pain

You cause me in a supposed haven,

Destroying me from within

And leaving my body bruised.

I spread my wings to fly

And escape the pain.