Up There

It floated up there,

Nothing big and nothing small,

Floating up above my head,

It’s sharp gaze looking down

Into somber eyes,

Hollow eyes with nothing

Left to offer.

Up there it floated,

Looking into somber eyes

With patience and empathy,

Waiting for faith and hope

To be restored to hollow eyes.

Up there it floated above,

With no hurry or worry,

It waited above, looking below.

Mirror Image

I look in the mirror,

Hoping to see who I really am,

Yet all I see is this shell

Looking back at me.


I am not this shell and does

Not reflect who I really am,

For the person is seen

Does not reflect my true identity.


I look in the reflection

In the mirror, hoping to see change,

For that image is unreal

And does not reflect who I am.


I want to be me,

But I must hide behind a shell,

A hollow emptiness that gazes

At the reflection in the mirror.