Short Poetry

Poem #1

Soft and tender,

Fiery passion,

Yet emptiness persists.

Poem #2

Despite the poison you injected

Into my stone heart,

I only beat with you,

Even with all the damage you cause.

Poem #3

Waiting for something more,

Hoping to be fulfilled and full,

Yet still sitting and waiting

Empty and filling, yet not full;

Just perspective matters.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Your eyes hold the sorrow

Of a thousand broken hearts;

Lost and distraught in this reality

Where no peace can ever be found.

Poem #2

Following above as you grow,

Fortune fell upon you,

Ensuring no harm came to you

On this unforgiving world.

Poem #3

The wandering eye

Wept at the blood in the sky

That fell from angels.

Healer Wanted

It is hard sitting and waiting,

Waiting for the right person.

Person of interest, visit my soul,

A soul full of pain and trauma,

Trauma inflicted by knives,

Knives full of poison and love.

Love, a word and concept I hate,

Hate with more passion than my soul.

My soul needs healing.

Is healing your skill.

Unwanted trauma and poison,

Poison me or heal me.

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Small Poems #2

Another collection of small poems, since I write more of these than long verse poems. Enjoy!


Poem #1

Stars shine bright

But they have no might.


Poem #2 

The darkness of my life

Conquers my day and night.


Poem #3

Slow and broken I hear

My heartbeat pound. Am

I broken or half a human

For having a broken heartbeat.


Poem #4

Fire burns within every time

I see your eyes, brighter

Than the stars.