Deep Within

Deep and powerful the heart beat,

Sending shivers across the whole body,

Begging to be held and calmed.

Without the passion and warmth,

Nothing can be tamed

And flames rage burn

With the strength of hell fire.

The body shivers and pounds,

Sending fire throughout the body

Sending shivers of uncontrollable pain

Through the innocent.

Red Angel

Red Angel

Angel of fire and blood,

Through walls and bodies

You walk through; leaving behind

A trail of destruction.
Angel of fire and blood,

You beckon me to your side;

I know what awaits me

But I do not try to hide.
Angel of fire and blood,

Come close to me and seal my fate,

Pull me in close to you

Ans make me nevermore. 

Small Poems

This collection will consist of small poems. Enjoy!

Poem #1

A life of love and hope

Is not in my horoscope.

Poem #2

Sad nights of no hope

Are my daily existence.

Day and night, I see no light.
Poem #3

Tales of happiness are

A dream to me.
Poem #4

Fire soars in my heart,

A black and empty soul.