Nightly Feast

It was dark and cold that night;

Wolves howled at the moon

And circled us like prey,

Licking their lips with us in sight,

Ready to pounce at the word

Of the Alpha, the commander.

Circling around, the wolves move

In rhythm, around the prey

And licking their hungry lips,

Thirsty for the blood of the innocent,

Waiting for the command to strike

And bring us down,

But we will not go down without a fight.

The Sorrow

Revolving in the deep darkness

Sits the young creature filled with madness,

Curled up in pain and fear

Of their true power and strength.

Filled with rage, covered in black,

The creature sits and waits,

Waits before the blood boils

And unleashes wrath unto

The sorry souls in the path.

It is not done out of hate,

But out of sorrow for the world,

For the decimated and ruined world

That no one should continue to live in.


I looked in the mirror

To look at my outfit

For the night.


Instead, I saw the demon

That lives inside and

I suddenly did not want to live.


Poem #2

In the darkness I walk,

Afraid of what is around

The corner and afraid

Of what I might encounter.


Eyes, bright red eyes have found me,

Staring straight into me and pierce

My soul. In this darkness,

I was right to fear the black mirror.