See the pain you put me through.

How can you understand?

How can you understand

The pain you put me through

On a daily basis,

Unconcerned with my safety

And more concerned with getting off.

How can I make you understand

That I hurt deep down,

My body aches every moment

That I am with you,

There is nothing sweet about you,

Only the taste of sulfur.

How can I make you understand,

How can you understand

What pain is, when all you do

Is inflict lashes against my bare body.

How can I make you understand

That we no longer exist in the realm

Of affection and tolerance,

That you now must remain away,

Unless you wish to sleep behind,

Metal rods and suffer the same way

That I had to suffer.

Maybe a rod against your will

Will be enough to make you

Understand the pain I felt.

Desires of the Heart

A poem with two voices speaking about a relationship that was perceived differently by the two people.


I love you.

I loved you.

We connected in a way I never had before.

You were for simple pleasure.

When I asked for, you complained.

You wanted what I couldn’t give.

Time and love. A family.

Our priorities were so different,

I want to still love you.

It was time to move on.

I can’t live without you.

You were just for fun.

I need to be with you.

We both agreed to fun, nothing more.

I can’t take it.

It feels good to breath again.

The blood running down my skin feels good.

The cold air is refreshing.



My Poisonous Antidote

Inside the soul I felt the connection,

I felt that warm injection

Reach my inner being,

My heartbeat fleeing


The from the pain of the past

And running to you fast,

Hoping to feel the connection again,

That sweet injection I must obtain.


Are you the poison to do me in,

Bring me down by my sin,

Or are you the antidote

That will help me regain control?



For a Long Time

Just a random poem made to pass the time. Hopefully, y’all enjoy!


For a Long Time


For a long time

I waited in bed for you,

Waiting for you to return

Into my arms.


For a long time,

I wished for more,

That we would be more

Than the rabbits in heat

We always were.


For a long time,

You led me to believe

That we would become more,

But as soon as a fresh mate

Appeared, you left forever.

Fragility of Love

Fragility of Love

Love is a frail concept,

A concept I gave to you

With everything of my heart,

A heart willing to give love

And even sacrifice my life.

You never said those three words,

Never repeated it after me

And I slowly learned why.

My rose bud did nothing 

To excite you,

But rather the iron needle

You found in that bar.

I left you for another

Like you did to me.