Taking Flight

When you’re going around next to me,

I feel free and weightless, no gravity

In sight letting me fly and see

Across the sky. You granted me sanity,

But whenever you stepped away,

I would fall down from the sky,

The world would fall into a deep gray

And the world let out a solemn sign

For I wanted to fly higher into the sun

Into the rays of light that shined warmth,

Little did I know the rays of sun was a gun

Loaded with bullets of pain and cold.

Life in Color

Why is it that I feel this way around you,

Colors sound lounder,

Lights are more vibrant,

The world feels better when you’re next to me

And becomes dull when I’m away from you,

For once I finally feel free

From the cage in my mind but as soon

As you walk away, the light dies once again

And the soul cries showers of rain,

Longing to have the colors sound louder,

Longing for the lights to be vibrant,

Longing for your healing presence.

Signal Not Found


Lost emotions that do not exist.

Existence is meaningless within emotion.

Living life disconnected from society

Due to the inability to laugh with someone,

To cry tears with someone,

Incapable of sharing love.

First was the wish to feel,

Then it was just the wish to connect,

Lastly, I just wanted a friend to have

And realize what it meant to connect.

I feel you

Do not worry my child,

It will be okay

For you to cry when you arrive,

For I will always be here by your side,

Even if we’re thousands of miles apart,

It will always be okay.


I will be there when you cry,

I will be there when you’re heartbroken

I will be there when you’re homesick.


I will always love you,

My dearest,

Do not be afraid.

Do not worry, you’ll be home soon,

Everything will be okay.


Short Poetry

Poem #1

I couldn’t imagine,

Couldn’t create,

Because anxiety shook

My hands

And I couldn’t

Control thoughts

From my head.


Poem #2

I need nothing from you,

No emotion or soul or touch.

Give me nothing to give me everything.


Poem #3

A thousand needles,

A frail and innocent creature,

Nature does not nurture.