Bloody Prize

I feel the hot air breathing down my soft neck,

Getting at my skin to begin the breakdown

Of the safety and sanctity of my body.

Weak and frail, to the point of a zombie,

I lie with blank eyes at the empty ceiling,

As empty as how I am feeling,

Being violated and massacred,

Falling unwitting prey to the organ trafficker.

The cold begins to seep deep to the bone,

And I have never felt more alone,

Looking into those ugly red eyes

Digging for their bloody prize.


Darkness follows my every step,

Cloak of ice enveloping me,

The cold reaching deep into my bones,

The only warmth I ever feel.

Not even the needle makes me feel

Warmth or joy, no drink alleviates

The consuming pain of emptiness.

I crave the sweet embrace of Death,

But life is never that easy.


Slowly but steadily,

My red life drips down

The fragile skin,

Dripping to the floor.


Sorry for making a mess,

There was no other way.


Hearing the drippings sounds nice,

Almost peaceful,

Like water in a zen garden:

Feels warm and soft.


The red life trickles down,

It just feels unclean.

My body needs to be cleansed

And my unclean blood must be banished.

Unforgotten Passion

A short story I made. Hopefully, you enjoy this little story.

UnforgottenĀ Passion

We were young and wild that night. We were free from all the barriers of society and we loved each other the entire night.

Do you remember that magical night?

That night of love and joy. We got lost in each other’s skin that night. A night in paradise with my night in shining armor. The passion does not compare to anything since then, no lover has matched the passion we had, the love we made.

Since I lost you, I have been unable to find the same passion as we had. The love for one another has been untouched. The flame remains dead and cannot be reignited by anyone,

You died too young. However, I know for sure you are in paradise.

Divine Kiss

What are you?

Are you an angel from above

Or a devil from underneath?

Your wings of white and black

And red-gold eyes signal mixed

Ideas. The only certainty of you

Is your divine kiss, for once

Our lips meet, me end is certain.

Divines and mortals do not mix,

For mistakes like mine end in beautiful pain.

Red Angel

Red Angel

Angel of fire and blood,

Through walls and bodies

You walk through; leaving behind

A trail of destruction.
Angel of fire and blood,

You beckon me to your side;

I know what awaits me

But I do not try to hide.
Angel of fire and blood,

Come close to me and seal my fate,

Pull me in close to you

Ans make me nevermore.