I was lost and weak,

Hiding in the shadows,

Down in dust;


Step by step

I walked to find

A little peace and love,


I never knew how to find

Hope and light

To bring me out of shadows.


Lost and weak

Walking blind,

Buried in dust


I couldn’t walk away

From the darkness,

Where no light shined,


Where no light shined and darkness grew

Within a lost heart, where all hope died

And made me a puppet for you.

Beware the Shadows

In the darkness the creature scurries away, hiding from me in the shadows, creeping in the pustulant night. Every step I take, it takes one too. Following and creeping behind. Tentacles writhing to taste my flesh.

I cannot see it. Not even the eyes. Yet, I know it follows. It lies behind every door, lurking in the shadows. With each step, it waits behind, waiting for one mistake. Waiting to taste my blood. Waiting to drink from the chalice the gift of life.

I will not let it take me. Faster I walk down the hall, past the chandeliers and paintings. Everywhere I look, the shadows retreat. It is ahead of me now! Waiting for me to fall into its bloody arms, every inch of its skin ready to rip my flesh apart.

Faster I walk. Faster. If I slow down now, it will surely catch me. I can feel the walls pressing closer, ready to feed me to that monster.

I reach the end of the corridor, at the tall glass window. I see the full moon in the eternal sky, commanding the attention of all. I turn back and see it in its full form, the demon of my dreams. It forms and looks back at me. I see the mercury eyes, the eyes of malice and intent to kill. The eyes of lust.

Panicking, I reach behind me, but all I feel is the lever to open the window. Might as well. I will not let this monster take me. I will not allow my blood to be used to paint these halls red. I will let the ocean mix with my blood, and set myself free in the sea.

The Sorrow

Revolving in the deep darkness

Sits the young creature filled with madness,

Curled up in pain and fear

Of their true power and strength.

Filled with rage, covered in black,

The creature sits and waits,

Waits before the blood boils

And unleashes wrath unto

The sorry souls in the path.

It is not done out of hate,

But out of sorrow for the world,

For the decimated and ruined world

That no one should continue to live in.


Looking upon you, I saw many great things. Great and terrible things!

It was in your eyes from the beginning. From the moment you came into life, the darkness in your eyes was clearer than water. It seemed as if your soul swam in hatred and sin.

How could it though? You haven’t turned a year yet.

But the pain you brought me when you were born was beyond normal. My intestines were ripped apart when you left. Several organs were torn when you exited me.

Every animal that has come by has died on the lawn. The only thing that hasn’t, and it even thrives in your presence, is that horrid snake! It was curled next to you one night, and has never left since.

Anything living brought into this home becomes sick or dies. Any time flowers are brought, they wilt instantly. I have been unable to recover from your birth; infections always pop up, no matter how often I am treated. Your father has been unable to breath, having several asthma attacks everyday, something he never had before.

What to do with you demon? I do not know.. You cannot be kept for long, that is for sure.

Maybe the woods? For sure some animal needs some food.

Or the water? Get enough water blessed and have you drown. I remember that day we took you for your baptism, the church turned into vessel of darkness and we were banned.

That may work indeed.

I am sorry my baby boy, but this hell cannot continue. It will come to an end. Remember though, we will always love you.

Short Poetry #4

Poem #1

Depictions of love and romance

Surround us all, flooding the senses,

Making the empty desire

What is unattainable

To the different and odd,

Those that cannot enjoy

The comfort of normal love

Because of separate desires.

Poem #2

In the desolate shadows,

The lonely sparrow sang,

Awaiting a sweet reply,

But receiving only deadly silence.

Poem #3

Leaves fall and so do hearts;

In the cold of winter

Not even fire can survive.

Small Poems #5

Poem #1

Dark wings of wrath

Sweep down on earth

And breathe absolute havoc.


Poem #2

Orbiting the stars, I feel

Lighter than a million feathers,

But only when I am with you.


Poem #3

Feeling free and flying high

Let us go home tonight.


Poem #4

Black mirror of mine,

Gaze deep within

And witness my sorrow.