Warmth and Passion

There was nothing that could be seen. It was darker than black, the cold enveloping me slowly.

I felt you next to me, warmth radiating off of you, yet I could not reach it. There was no light pushing through the darkness and the warmth gets stripped away, like a black hole, growing bigger with your light and warmth.

Directly in sight, I long to be next to you, your warmth penetrating deeply and fully, engulfing the darkness and eradicating it. Cold replaced with heat, replaced with emotion and passion once again, living life as it should be.

I long to be there next to you, to feel the warmth and passion enter me, to give to you the way you give to me. If only life could be easy and I did not feel empty the way I do now.

Inside the Glass

I look into the mirror,

Watching the person staring back

And it could not be clearer

That the figure cloaked in black

Is not who I am.

The figure has my appearance,

Looking at me with disgust

And sorrow because it is inherent

That the eyes do not trust

The figure staring back.

I keep looking and reach to the broken

Glass towards the sharp edges

Tinged deep with black omens,

Blood and deep evils of legend,

Looking at the figure staring back.

My hand feels the warm glass full of evil,

The figure looks right in my eyes,

Grabs my arm and pulls me from Eden

Into the hell that exists inside the glass.


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Run Away

I ran away from the demons that haunted me,

Running from the absolute pain,

Whirlwinds of torture and torment

Tearing at my supple flesh,

I run away from the horrors of you,

The demons that you released

Onto my deserted path,

I run away from the pain

Of the demons that haunt me

As long as I am with you.

Lost in Myself

The sun rises

And people move,

Like energized cells

Powered by the sun.


Inside my house,

Hiding in my bed,

Engulfed by darkness,

I sit and cry.


I cry because

I feel empty inside,

Empty and dead,

My soul withering away.


I must carry on,

For life does not

Accept those that sit

And stare, those that


Move like empty

Shells. My hollow body

Must move like the rest,

For if I cry out,

I will be cast out.



Darkness follows my every step,

Cloak of ice enveloping me,

The cold reaching deep into my bones,

The only warmth I ever feel.

Not even the needle makes me feel

Warmth or joy, no drink alleviates

The consuming pain of emptiness.

I crave the sweet embrace of Death,

But life is never that easy.