Inside the Glass

I look into the mirror,

Watching the person staring back

And it could not be clearer

That the figure cloaked in black

Is not who I am.

The figure has my appearance,

Looking at me with disgust

And sorrow because it is inherent

That the eyes do not trust

The figure staring back.

I keep looking and reach to the broken

Glass towards the sharp edges

Tinged deep with black omens,

Blood and deep evils of legend,

Looking at the figure staring back.

My hand feels the warm glass full of evil,

The figure looks right in my eyes,

Grabs my arm and pulls me from Eden

Into the hell that exists inside the glass.


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Red Gold

Skies fall and towers crumble,
Red soil cracks like skin,
And blood begins to tumble,
And the spear begins to grin
As the blood enters the soil.
Red shades grow deeper and lick
For more. Tribes toil
And people get sick,
Bloodlust ruling and gold the treasure;
Tribes fight, sparing no measure,
Fighting to death, savoring blood
And making redder the mud.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Your eyes hold the sorrow

Of a thousand broken hearts;

Lost and distraught in this reality

Where no peace can ever be found.

Poem #2

Following above as you grow,

Fortune fell upon you,

Ensuring no harm came to you

On this unforgiving world.

Poem #3

The wandering eye

Wept at the blood in the sky

That fell from angels.

Beware the Shadows

In the darkness the creature scurries away, hiding from me in the shadows, creeping in the pustulant night. Every step I take, it takes one too. Following and creeping behind. Tentacles writhing to taste my flesh.

I cannot see it. Not even the eyes. Yet, I know it follows. It lies behind every door, lurking in the shadows. With each step, it waits behind, waiting for one mistake. Waiting to taste my blood. Waiting to drink from the chalice the gift of life.

I will not let it take me. Faster I walk down the hall, past the chandeliers and paintings. Everywhere I look, the shadows retreat. It is ahead of me now! Waiting for me to fall into its bloody arms, every inch of its skin ready to rip my flesh apart.

Faster I walk. Faster. If I slow down now, it will surely catch me. I can feel the walls pressing closer, ready to feed me to that monster.

I reach the end of the corridor, at the tall glass window. I see the full moon in the eternal sky, commanding the attention of all. I turn back and see it in its full form, the demon of my dreams. It forms and looks back at me. I see the mercury eyes, the eyes of malice and intent to kill. The eyes of lust.

Panicking, I reach behind me, but all I feel is the lever to open the window. Might as well. I will not let this monster take me. I will not allow my blood to be used to paint these halls red. I will let the ocean mix with my blood, and set myself free in the sea.


I lost control of my mind,

Going down in hellish fire

Entering the realm of the damned

And unable to regain myself,

I lost all control that night,

The night where I could no longer feel

The knife in my hand,

The night where I could no longer hear

The blood curdling screams,

The night where I could no longer taste

The tang of that innocent, pure blood,

The night where I could no longer see

The look of fear in your face,

The night where I could no longer smell

The sweet fire I put you in.

I lost control that bright night,

Sending myself down a hellish spiral

Where I could no longer sense anything,

My body had no control

Yet, it was the best experience in the world,

To control the choices and outcomes,

To feel unstoppable.


Slowly but steadily,

My red life drips down

The fragile skin,

Dripping to the floor.


Sorry for making a mess,

There was no other way.


Hearing the drippings sounds nice,

Almost peaceful,

Like water in a zen garden:

Feels warm and soft.


The red life trickles down,

It just feels unclean.

My body needs to be cleansed

And my unclean blood must be banished.