Small Poetry

Poem #1

Your eyes hold the sorrow

Of a thousand broken hearts;

Lost and distraught in this reality

Where no peace can ever be found.

Poem #2

Following above as you grow,

Fortune fell upon you,

Ensuring no harm came to you

On this unforgiving world.

Poem #3

The wandering eye

Wept at the blood in the sky

That fell from angels.

Divine Kiss

What are you?

Are you an angel from above

Or a devil from underneath?

Your wings of white and black

And red-gold eyes signal mixed

Ideas. The only certainty of you

Is your divine kiss, for once

Our lips meet, me end is certain.

Divines and mortals do not mix,

For mistakes like mine end in beautiful pain.

Red Angel

Red Angel

Angel of fire and blood,

Through walls and bodies

You walk through; leaving behind

A trail of destruction.
Angel of fire and blood,

You beckon me to your side;

I know what awaits me

But I do not try to hide.
Angel of fire and blood,

Come close to me and seal my fate,

Pull me in close to you

Ans make me nevermore.