Empty Fill

Get full, fill up, keep going,

Fill the empty hole inside,

Do not stop until you can’t no more,

Eat and drink until sick and weak

Feel the way I feel inside,

Like nothing sparks life and joy

Deep into my soul;

Eat your fill until sick and weak,

Fill yourself to fill the hole

That used to be you.

Passage of Time

The clock strikes 12 and stands still,

Nothing stirs and nothing rests

When the clock ends the day

And new life begins and the old sheds.

Life starts and ends at the strike of 12,

But you end much sooner

For failed choices, continuing on this

Path filled with regret and despair.

Follow the future to the bright path,

So that the clock can strike 12 on a new day.


You got me thinking out loud,

Not afraid to be proud

Of my screams that vibrate

Through the air of twilight,

I feel myself go crazy,

Crazy and drunken on you,

Falling and falling deep,

Deeper into the darkness

That has left me in a daze,

A daze for only you.

Bleeding Ears

Noise, noise, noise

All I hear is the noise of your

Bickering and complaining for

Not getting your way,

For facing a single roadblock

That does not budge to your privilege.

Loud and obnoxious noise rises

Higher onto the ears of the unwitting

Masses that are the unfortunate victims.

Screams of privilege permeate into

The night, wailing for not getting their way

In a society that requires hard-work.