Human Angel

If we could stop and look around,

What would you see in front of you?

You would see people,

Different than you,

But human nonetheless.

Some are afraid of home,

Coming to freedom with nothing

Other than what they wear,

Yet people fear the worst

From those most desperate,

For aid, clothes, food,

Things we take for granted.

They are human,

Like you and I.

Help the helpless,

Aid a human like you,

Fear not their helplessness,

Provide a helping hand,

Be an angel to a human in need.

Election Day


As a collective body who voted in the primaries and chose the nominee indirectly, those who were allowed to vote have quite possibly ruined America, and I congratulate you. I thank you for giving me, an 18 year old Latino-American male, some of the worst choices for president. This is my first time voting, my first ever election, and I am simply appalled. And for that, I also congratulate you.

Now, I know that not everyone supported the criminals who lead the two major parties. That is understood because I myself supported Governor John Kasich and Senator Bernie Sanders, each of the opposing parties. However, enough people supported the clowns, and well, here we are. Today is Election Day. The day where America will be ruined for 4 years. Whoever the president is in 2020 will have to do plenty of repairing. I sincerely hope whoever wins will lose as an incumbent.

Let us look at the facts. Both are criminals. One has not paid federal taxes in nearly 20 years. The other has handed out classified information like candy in electronic messages. One has blood running all over them, has caused so much loss of life. The other has been a racist towards many communities and has been charged with being sexually aggressive and derogatory to an entire sex. One will ruin the job market in America, the other has refused to pay workers. Both of their economic plans will ruin the United States economy, sending us deeper into debt.

I mean, they have good qualities. I would assume. They have picturesque records. With dirt and blood covering most of that record. Is it possible that they know what they are doing? Possibly but also possibly not.

This post is not meant to sway anybody, everyone has their opinions. Sadly, the voices of many went unheard or were overshadowed by the screams of the few clowns. But there is nothing to do now. It is simply a matter of voting or having voted, and waiting for the results later in the evening.

For those who say that voting third-party is a wasted vote; a third-party vote is not a wasted vote. I am voting my conscience and voicing my opinion as to who can lead this country best. However, the two-party makes it virtually impossible for third-parties to have major support. Things must be changed and soon. This ridiculousness will continue to hurt us as time goes on.

I will not reveal my vote to the public. I hold my vote to my knowledge and will reveal it to others in due time, and I will reveal it to whoever asks. However, I will not put it out on display for the simple fact that you don’t always publicly announce who you voted for.

Congratulations once again America! You, the people who voted for the two heads, have done so much. There is no way to repay.

Have a good day America!

The Problem of Colors

Once again, more riots have begun and people attempt to disguise them as protests. People do not listen to the facts. Assumptions are made and balances are disrupted. Fights break out and more lives are lost. Loss is an upsetting fact of life, but a necessary one. Once colors are mentioned, people immediately decide without any knowledge. However, this is not a matter of colors, it is a matter of humanity and judgement, of human to human violence. The soul of humanity keeps being destroyed as hate continues to fester. The longer that this continues the more eroded that the definition of humanity fades away.


The Problem of Colors


Once a balance of colors is lost,

Harm comes to fall on most

Of society, victims of being

Between the violence, seeing

The horrors that color brings,

Making the Reaper gleefully sing

As he collects and sends souls

Down into hell’s holes.

As hatred festers and brews

It seems to be simply amused

By the colors that damage all of humanity,

A society of damnation as all are at fault,

No one group can be blamed in entirety,

For the color spectrum is all to blame.


Gun Sit-In

Photo credit to CNN

At this point, I’ve had enough with the inaction of Congress. I agree with the sit in that was initiated by the Democratic House members because it is silly. This is so silly and pathetic my mind cannot comprehend how little the majority of the GOP seem to care.This will be a rant. If people are not interested in this or are not interested in political news, that is completely fine. There is no harm done.

One of the most prominent figures from the 1960s civil rights era has begun a sit-in on the House floor due to the inaction of Congress and how the GOP refuses to impose stricter restrictions on people who have been on the terror watch list. All because they want more money to flow in their pockets. Apparently “green paper is more valuable than red blood” because of the tight hold that the NRA has over GOP officials(CNN). At this point, it has become pathetic the inaction and partisan split in both houses. 

The Senate isn’t off the hook either. Despite the support of some senators who have joined them, it has been majority Democrats. Few Republicans are going down with them. But it was up to the Senate this week to push legislation through and theg failed to do so. They failed themselves and they have failed the American people.

Both parties have damned this nation. Both parties are to blame and are at fault. They failed this nation and its people for their desire for more money or glory. They need to set aside their petty goals and focus on the common good for the American people. Isn’t that what Congress is supposed to do? 

Honestly, I am sick of this. The inaction and worthless desires of a select few. What harm is it to bar people who are or have been on the terror watch list from buying guns? What harm will it do? It is sickening to see that our elected officials care more for worthless paper than human lives that can make great things! 

Get your act together Congress. Bar certain groups from buying guns to protect the general populace. Protect your people, the people you represent, from harm. By doing nothing, you harm us.

The Supposed Issue of the 2nd Amendment.

As people know, this week there was a filibuster in Congress over gun control. While that may work out well for some, it won’t for others. While that may be the objective of some of the senators, it isn’t for most and little will be done despite recent events. Nevertheless, they will try but quite possibly fail. 

While Democrats may continuously try to bar the rights of Americans and our right to bear arms, there are various things that need to be addressed. It isn’t as simple as removing guns from the market. If people are looking for it,  they will find a way to acquire it. People looking to either protect themselves or inflict damage onto others will find a way to possess firearms-either legally or illegaly. And while firearms are the preferred weapon by many who commit mass crimes, that refers to a specific set of people. Killers have used other methods to kills, such as poison, rope, knife and acid, just to name a few. If someone is willing to kill, they do not need a firearm to commit a gruesome crime.

While Democrats do this, Republicans seem to have a complete disregard for laws that restrict the purchase of firearms. They do not seem to care if the person has been on the no-fly list or has been investigated for terrorist ties. They believe that everyone should protect themselves by arming themselves. While they may be right from time to time-same as Democrats-this also causes for reckless decisions on part of the GOP lawmakers. Mass shootings still occur and so do murders elsewhere by other means. Due to their inaction to bar people from purchasing firearms, incidences like Orlando have occured and even gang shootings in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Even accidental deaths occur because lawmakers are unwilling to create laws that could potentially prevent people for puchasing guns, all because they are egotists that will refuse to look at statistics. 

Due to the current make-up of the Senate and the House, very little can be done and little action can be taken. At this moment, the partisanship has grown to such an extent, Senators refuse to listen to members from the other party. Bipartisan support seems to be a thing of the past for it hardly seems to exist, except for cases where the bill requires little debate and is agreed upon. Circumstaces like this though are very rare. You’re more likely to get killed by a coconut than see Congress pass a bill with full support from both parties. Unless both parties are willing to work together, then it is more than likely that another event like this can happen again.