First Year of College


This is a little late. July is just around the corner but classes ended in Mid-May. Better late than never.

The first year of college is an experience I will never forget. There were so many ups and downs throughout the year.

Classes are a story all in their own. Some classes would kill you with the work load while others were so easy that I could write or use my phone and still get an A. It all depended on the subject and the professor so this is not a one-size-fits all situation. However, once you get into your 3000 and 4000 level courses, junior and senior, then the classes are more difficult and attention has to be paid.

Involvement is something very important and something to look into while in college. Involvement makes connections and connections are important in your life further down the line. Whether it be in making connections that land an internship or a job, or connections to get into graduate school, or a simple reference, being involved in any sort of organization on campus will give you a boost during your time in college. By making the connections early on during your freshman year, it is even better as the people you connect with will know you more by the end of your undergraduate career.

People you meet either in class or in clubs is also another part of the college experience. Some people you will meet and click with in a heartbeat, becoming amazing friends. Others will rub-off against you like oil does to water; they just can’t mix. Some can hide, and it will take practice to find out who those people are that are pretending to be friends but are just there to be popular and have a large friend group. Among those people could be possible romantic interests, as I have seen many friends enter relationships during their first year of college.

Lastly, there could be much more to write but I want to keep it short and sweet, there is the aspect of being away from family. There are people that live with family and drive to college, but my focus is on being away from family because that is what I know. The one thing I know for sure for my friends that are commuters is that many had family issues because the family wanted to see them more, but it wasn’t as easy as going to school and studying at home like in high school.

Being away from home put a strain on my family and me. It isn’t easy, was never easy and won’t be easy for the next few years. Having a support system is important, whether it be close friends, family, or even clubs. I managed to find that in Greek life but not everyone has to do that. During the academic year, I would become ill more frequently due to stress and not knowing how to cope. Without my family nearby, I would often wonder how I could handle being alone. I could but also couldn’t. Missing family was also a big proponent, having spent very little time away from family.

So many decisions made, but in the end it is worth it. Getting involved and meeting people is important along with taking classes seriously. You’re paying for them so be serious and do the work, do not screw around. But then again, college is an individual basis, each person will have different experiences. Make the most of it.

Electronic Greeting

Our society has become fixated with technology. Because of this, we humans have become shallow.

Electric Greetings


Forever distant from each other

Despite your proximity to another

Human being, our culture fixates

On being together, yet interaction

Is not encouraged.

The more common this becomes,

The hollower our society grows

And shallows for in us all.

Friends walk side by side,

Talking not to each other,

But to their phones instead.

This will gradually become habit

And an electronic greeting

Will be the norm for all.

When this occurs, when the day arrives

Society will be at a new hollow.

Sports: Cheering and Dining

The Sports Fans’ Favorite Past Time


Look at my boys go as they throw,

Scaring the opposing team with passes

That make Tom Landry proud!

Look at them go!

I see boxes of food, it’s so good,

And the drinks make it even better,

All of this combined makes heaven real.

The pizza and beer, the nuts and wine

Combined with those throws,

It’s enough to make me die happy.

I throw the beer back and let it drop,

Drop down my gullet to my stomach,

Have it fuel my bones

And loosen my brain.

Down into my intestines it goes,

Mixing with what I binged earlier,

Making me full to where I can’t any more,

But yet I want more in my body,

More food in me to enjoy all of life.

Screams and shouts echo across the stadium,

Our team fumbled the ball,

The opponents are running through the field,

Past the 50;

Past the 20;

No, someone stop them!

Touchdown for that team because of an idiot,

My team is full of idiots. Let me drink

And eat some food, let me feel better.

Bartender! Give me vodka! I need to forget that failure,

Need to not feel this idiotic pain.

Love this suite,

My company pays everything,

I get hammered and full and a good view,

All the perks a fan could want.

More screams echo; the opponents scored again.

God damn them and their children, worthless scum,

They better hope their ride home is disaster free.

Thank fully my vodka is ready.

I throw it back and let it burn, burn everything away,

Let it burn me from the inside.

Where is the food?

Hey! Person! Order me a loaded pizza,

I want it here in 10 minutes.

It better be worth it,

Not like those plays my team did,

Now Tom is rolling in his grave!

Such a pathetic team. Let me throw this back again,

Throw back the liquors, let it mix and seep.

Wait, it already be time?

I do nut know what on right now,

Game end and I need leave but too loose,

No feel in body, stomach too full.

Feel like I’ll throw up.

Time to leave – oh god

It hurts. Yeah, got to go.

Car where? I ohnut remember where I park.

Life as an Idol

A beautiful and blistering satire of society. Can you figure out who the real mannequins are?

Life as an Idol


Stuck in the same position; unable to move and unable to hide. In front of the window every day, not able to even leave at night or on the weekend. I am stuck like this, having to be an idol to society.

I am the image you must aspire to. You must follow me and my style. Wear what I wear and look how I look. You cannot have any free will for I am your will. If you do not follow my lead, you are a worthless disgrace that should die.

Yet, despite me saying this, I am a hypocrite. I have no free will of my own. I am dressed by others, have no voice to express myself with and cannot move on my own. I need to be moved by others. I always require help. I am just as fake as those who follow me.

The Lost Art of Talking

Today in this world of smartphones and advancing technology, we have started to lose certain skills, skills that made human civilization grow. Now, because of the advancements that have supposedly made our world better, we have begun to lose one of the pillars that made civilization possible; the pillar of speech. 

The old payphone is to show a time of the past when people would pick up the phone to talk to each other. Even before the era of phones, people would send letters or arrange to talk to each other for hours at a time. Even when phones began to become more commonplace in everyday lives, people still would enjoy long talks.

Now, in the era of smartphones, the era in which I have grown up in, the phone has eroded the ability to speak. There have been instances where I or friends will talk through text and go on for a long period of time. But, when it comes to face to face interaction, there seems to be a huge gap in interpersonal development. Thankfully, I was taught to always speak and it has allowed for me to give speeches. Others are barely able to say five words without getting flustered. 

If people of my generation do speak, it is more slang and improper speech than actual English or whatever language it is someone speaks.

 Lol like totally fam its lit. Time to blaze up dude haha. Aye, dab man.

This is what society has come to. Limited vocabulary due to the advancement of communication technology. That above is not an exaggeration of what a majority of people now say when actually speaking. It is absurd to think that technology is actually helping us when in reality it is hindering our development.

As a result, it seems like my generation and generations after are losing a key component of civilization. The basic art of speaking.

Father’s Day?

While people are celebrating their fathers and everything they have done for them, it often times creates awkward situations that need to be explained. See, not everyone has both parents. Some died, some where complete mysteries, and often times, some where abandoned.

I am one of those cases, abandoned by my father at a young age. Because of this I never had a solid male role model in my life, just ones that came and went. I was raised by a single mother who has sacrificed so much for me and my sister to grow up with the best chance for a better and brighter future.

Often times, people always ask about my father and where is he so we could input him into my documents? Well, what about him? He essentially gave up his rights to me when he left and has contributed nothing to help my mom with me. The only legal paper he belongs in is the birth certificate, but instead of father, it should simply say sperm donor. That is all he is to me and I’m positive that there are other people out there that feel the same way about their fathers if they were abandoned as well.

Celebrate the mothers who have worked a double. Thank them for working those two jobs, mother and father put into one. Congratulate them for putting so much time and effort into you. Show them that you appreciate every single thing they have done for you.

Loving Animals

Duke the Deadly Licker

Animals are different. They come in many different genus and species. Along with coming in different shapes and sizes, they come with different demeanors and attitudes. Often times, there is also a heavy misunderstanding of an animal.

Take the pitbull into example. They are regarded as a dangerous breed that has no place within a home and that should be put down. However, that is the common stereotype because of the history of violent pitbull attacks. Those dogs that have attacks are ones that have been abused and beaten by their owners and made to attack and fight for sport. Even though there are laws against this, people still train the pitbull breed, and others, into fighting and becoming highly aggresive.

But that is simply not true. The dog featured above is Duke, a 2 year old pitbull that my aunt found on the road. She took him in and took care of him and took care of Duke as if he were a new member of the family. He is simply a big baby with a big heart, wouldn’t hurt a fly but would protect his family. 

And thats exactly what pitbulls were-and still are-used for. Before their damaging image was created, they were known as nanny dogs because they would protect the children of royalty because of their strength, bravery and loyalty. But as time passed, their image was changed into one where harm would follow. People abused these poor animals into fighting for money. Now, the process must begin to help them become a family breed once again, a breed to care for just like all other animals.