Sports: Cheering and Dining

The Sports Fans’ Favorite Past Time


Look at my boys go as they throw,

Scaring the opposing team with passes

That make Tom Landry proud!

Look at them go!

I see boxes of food, it’s so good,

And the drinks make it even better,

All of this combined makes heaven real.

The pizza and beer, the nuts and wine

Combined with those throws,

It’s enough to make me die happy.

I throw the beer back and let it drop,

Drop down my gullet to my stomach,

Have it fuel my bones

And loosen my brain.

Down into my intestines it goes,

Mixing with what I binged earlier,

Making me full to where I can’t any more,

But yet I want more in my body,

More food in me to enjoy all of life.

Screams and shouts echo across the stadium,

Our team fumbled the ball,

The opponents are running through the field,

Past the 50;

Past the 20;

No, someone stop them!

Touchdown for that team because of an idiot,

My team is full of idiots. Let me drink

And eat some food, let me feel better.

Bartender! Give me vodka! I need to forget that failure,

Need to not feel this idiotic pain.

Love this suite,

My company pays everything,

I get hammered and full and a good view,

All the perks a fan could want.

More screams echo; the opponents scored again.

God damn them and their children, worthless scum,

They better hope their ride home is disaster free.

Thank fully my vodka is ready.

I throw it back and let it burn, burn everything away,

Let it burn me from the inside.

Where is the food?

Hey! Person! Order me a loaded pizza,

I want it here in 10 minutes.

It better be worth it,

Not like those plays my team did,

Now Tom is rolling in his grave!

Such a pathetic team. Let me throw this back again,

Throw back the liquors, let it mix and seep.

Wait, it already be time?

I do nut know what on right now,

Game end and I need leave but too loose,

No feel in body, stomach too full.

Feel like I’ll throw up.

Time to leave – oh god

It hurts. Yeah, got to go.

Car where? I ohnut remember where I park.

The Problem of Colors

Once again, more riots have begun and people attempt to disguise them as protests. People do not listen to the facts. Assumptions are made and balances are disrupted. Fights break out and more lives are lost. Loss is an upsetting fact of life, but a necessary one. Once colors are mentioned, people immediately decide without any knowledge. However, this is not a matter of colors, it is a matter of humanity and judgement, of human to human violence. The soul of humanity keeps being destroyed as hate continues to fester. The longer that this continues the more eroded that the definition of humanity fades away.


The Problem of Colors


Once a balance of colors is lost,

Harm comes to fall on most

Of society, victims of being

Between the violence, seeing

The horrors that color brings,

Making the Reaper gleefully sing

As he collects and sends souls

Down into hell’s holes.

As hatred festers and brews

It seems to be simply amused

By the colors that damage all of humanity,

A society of damnation as all are at fault,

No one group can be blamed in entirety,

For the color spectrum is all to blame.


The Fosters Season Premier

The newest season is here an fans have begun to watch, ready to catch up on the latest of the Freeform soap opera. I will admit, I am biased due to the fact that I do love this show. However, I will try my best to review this show premier by being as unbiased as possible.

The characters continue move along the arc that has been created by in previous episodes, while little growth is seen in this one single episode, it will definitely aide in the overall growth of the characters in the long run. It is very rare for a series to show huge character grown within an episode-unless it is a mini-series-and so “The Fosters” maintains to keep the characters with little growth. The trauma of the story (I won’t reveal anything) will, however, cause the characters to grow faster, given that the events of the story would cause great reflection among anyone.

This is where the writers have to be applauded. The writers continued the momentum from the previous season and make sure that the story doesn’t skip a beat. They allow for suspense to grow and for the fans to be at the edge of their seats. Their one downside in the writing is the distraction of the two romance stories that pop up. These two slights can possibly cause fans and others to wonder if the writing needed fillers into the story.

The director (s) also have to be given credit. The ability to move the cameras masterfully is an art. They knew what they wanted and knew what needed to happen and what needed to be seen in order to get audiences clutching their hearts. 

Aside from the small romances that are beginning that seemed to be a filler and where irrelevant to the overall story, the episode was excellent overall. They even end the episode at the point where people want to see more and will come once again to see the next episode. 

Score: 8/10

The Conjuring 2

Once Upon a Horror Story

 Once again James Wan succeeds in proving that he is a master of horror in terms of film. He worked his magic beautifully, having the movie flow. The entire crew did everything possible to create a marvelous horror movie over a paranormal proven hoax.

 They did succeed in various ways. More than can be described. One of the few downsides of the film was the acting of the actress that portrayed Janet Hodgson. Sadly, in this respect, the girl simply did not have enough skill to portray a possessed person and horrify the audience. Their copycat attempt of redoing “The Exorcist” theme of the possessed young child could not be replicated.

 Despite this being their only downside, reviewing the entire movie together, “The Conjuring 2” is a classic in the making, a film to inspire and guide generations of directors and horror films.