Just A Drag

There is nothing and everything flowing around my mind,

Passing by while silence thunders past

The nothing that screams at me,

Yet everything bothers me not while I remain motionless.


The drag of the of the cigarette is my only measure of time,

Puff after puff and one stick after another,

Only the darkness that pours into my body

With each hit fills my decrepit soul.


Motionless and frozen in time I lie in this pool of nothing,

Letting the smoke fill the room to choke me to death,

Those smoky hands wrapping tight to rip out my heart,

Letting the blood drip out,


Letting the blood drip onto my chest and filling the cavity black,

The smoke filling my soul, the only thing that can fill my decrepit soul

To make me feel whole if only for a moment at a time.