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Lost emotions that do not exist.

Existence is meaningless within emotion.

Living life disconnected from society

Due to the inability to laugh with someone,

To cry tears with someone,

Incapable of sharing love.

First was the wish to feel,

Then it was just the wish to connect,

Lastly, I just wanted a friend to have

And realize what it meant to connect.

Forest Cry

I followed the call of the screams

That echoed deeper into the forest,

Behind the mangled fingers and wooden beasts;

I could hear the cry of innocence

Begging to be rescued and taken to safety

From the demons lurking in the shadows,

Prancing around the forest,

Playing with the food it has been presented with.

The shadows grow closer,

Taunting and using my mind

To get closer to corrupt the innocence.



My skin is burns underneath the surface,

Ants crawling up and down,

Setting fire to every cell in my body

And an uncontrollable itch and pain

In an unreachable place.


I claw at my skin,

Talons tearing the skin to shreds,

Blood pours from my wounds,

Yet there is no relief

The anguish I feel.


My heart beats faster,

Breathing gets heavier

With every passing moment

Desperate to feel more,

To feel more than never-ending pain.


My skin dangles from muscle,

Tendons twitching from the fresh air

And tears that pour from my cheeks,

Blood drips to the floor, but all this pain

Led to no eternal relief,

As I know there will be a resurgence of pain.



I feel you

Do not worry my child,

It will be okay

For you to cry when you arrive,

For I will always be here by your side,

Even if we’re thousands of miles apart,

It will always be okay.


I will be there when you cry,

I will be there when you’re heartbroken

I will be there when you’re homesick.


I will always love you,

My dearest,

Do not be afraid.

Do not worry, you’ll be home soon,

Everything will be okay.