Short Poetry

Poem #1

Lost in the blue horizon

Of your simple, innocent soul;

A quality the world no longer possesses

And one the world doesn’t deserve.

I wished you had not lived,

So you could have died innocent and clean.


Poem #2

Come to me my lovely poison,

Fresh and rejuvenating to the body;

I wish to consume you,

No matter the harm incurred.


Poem #3

I could not go on

Without you by my side,

For your animal skin

Made my primal animal quiver.





I was lost and weak,

Hiding in the shadows,

Down in dust;


Step by step

I walked to find

A little peace and love,


I never knew how to find

Hope and light

To bring me out of shadows.


Lost and weak

Walking blind,

Buried in dust


I couldn’t walk away

From the darkness,

Where no light shined,


Where no light shined and darkness grew

Within a lost heart, where all hope died

And made me a puppet for you.