Short Poetry

Poem #1

Soft and tender,

Fiery passion,

Yet emptiness persists.

Poem #2

Despite the poison you injected

Into my stone heart,

I only beat with you,

Even with all the damage you cause.

Poem #3

Waiting for something more,

Hoping to be fulfilled and full,

Yet still sitting and waiting

Empty and filling, yet not full;

Just perspective matters.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Your eyes hold the sorrow

Of a thousand broken hearts;

Lost and distraught in this reality

Where no peace can ever be found.

Poem #2

Following above as you grow,

Fortune fell upon you,

Ensuring no harm came to you

On this unforgiving world.

Poem #3

The wandering eye

Wept at the blood in the sky

That fell from angels.

Small Poetry

Poem #1

Sail through the skies

With me tonight,

Fly with me above

The clouds and no harm

Shall befall your tender sweetness.


Poem #2

Discover the light within

My heart;

Follow to me to your heaven,

Here in my arms.

Poem #3

Out beyond the vastness of space,

Between the stars and meteors,

Only there do I feel safe,

On a trip among the stars.