Healer Wanted

It is hard sitting and waiting,

Waiting for the right person.

Person of interest, visit my soul,

A soul full of pain and trauma,

Trauma inflicted by knives,

Knives full of poison and love.

Love, a word and concept I hate,

Hate with more passion than my soul.

My soul needs healing.

Is healing your skill.

Unwanted trauma and poison,

Poison me or heal me.

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Random Poetry

This contains a mixture of poem styles.


Poem #1 

Little light shines

In my obsidian cage.


A Simple Desire

I long for something simple;

Two simple things really,

A desire and a touch

I have not felt in years.


Just to find my something simple,

It would be great and fun

To feel that amazing touch

Once again and forever.


Poem #3

Touch me right,

feel my engine purr

And let us sing.


Poem #4

This world full of black

Skies and life

Embodies humanity.


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Gray Light

My essence shines in the day,

A harsh and desperate gray

Longing to see more and feel

More, to feel human and real.


So gray and bland,

I feel like another particle

In the infinite sand

Of the plain carnival.


I look and around to see

The unfortunate and gray sea,

Wondering if my aura can change

To become and stay something strange.


In a world of gray sadness

Full of desperate and lonely souls,

I want to escape the madness

And the insanity of the black hole


Of this unfortunate society,

For all I want to see is color,

And not the society of gray anxiety

Because for once, I want to wonder.

Short Poetry #4

Poem #1

Depictions of love and romance

Surround us all, flooding the senses,

Making the empty desire

What is unattainable

To the different and odd,

Those that cannot enjoy

The comfort of normal love

Because of separate desires.

Poem #2

In the desolate shadows,

The lonely sparrow sang,

Awaiting a sweet reply,

But receiving only deadly silence.

Poem #3

Leaves fall and so do hearts;

In the cold of winter

Not even fire can survive.

Short Poetry #3

Poem #1

Can the barriers in society

Disappear for just one night

So I can spread my wings

And show my true identity.


Poem #2

It wasn’t until the cold

That warmth was experienced.


Poem #3


Out above the waves,

With the sea in my hair,

I stand with a foot in the air,

Ready to fall into the cave

Below the water, my new home,

That beautiful and sweet catacomb.


I looked in the mirror

To look at my outfit

For the night.


Instead, I saw the demon

That lives inside and

I suddenly did not want to live.


Poem #2

In the darkness I walk,

Afraid of what is around

The corner and afraid

Of what I might encounter.


Eyes, bright red eyes have found me,

Staring straight into me and pierce

My soul. In this darkness,

I was right to fear the black mirror.

Short Poetry #2

Poem #1

So many precious gems,

Yet I shed a tear for I

Cannot find my diamond.


Poem #2

It wasn’t until the cold

That warmth was experienced.


Poem #3

Unwanted and not cherished,

I do not regret having perished

At your hands, cruel society.


Poem #4

It was never about love,

Not with you,

It was just for the attention.



Short Poetry

Poem #1

Rotten and cruel,

Hot as magma

But as dumb as a mule

And colder than frozen aqua

I am glad to be rid of you.

Poem #2

The taste of your flesh

Feels good on my lips.

As I dig into your skin,

I can feel the blood and

Savor your taste and fragrance.

Poem #3

Love knows no bounds,

But with you,

Love stopped before

The first sound.

Poem #4

Swipe left, swipe right,

Keep distracting to ignore humans,

For human contact is unnecessary.

All I need is my phone to fill this

Small void inside me.

Beautiful Nightmare

I dreamed a dream I

Never wanted to see,

Of love and great passion.


It was a beautiful nightmare,

One that I wanted to end,

But for it to also never end.


Fear of love and passion,

Afraid to commit,

But ready for more,


I want this nightmare

To become beautiful

But I am simply afraid.