Ghost Kiss

I lay in bed,

Unable to move,

With her over my head.


She held me down

With her ethereal hands,

Floating inches from my face.


Closer and closer,

Her hands pushing on my chest,

Keeping me in place.


She leans in on me,

Her lips reaching mine,

Ready to take my life


With the kiss of death,

And I lay there,

Accepting my painful death.

Empty Eyes

The eyes are a gateway to the soul. If the eyes are broken or lifeless, then it is easy to see that the person in possession of the eyes has been severely hurt.

Empty Eyes


I wasn’t always so hollow,

Completely broken down and shallow,

With no light in my eyes.

Some people will let out a sigh

Of pity when I describe

My scenario, they think it’s a crime

To be robbed of life and color,

But my hollow eyes appear to be normal to me.