Wandering Earth

We only have one world, one world that we inhabit. We must protect the world to the best of our abilities, preserve the world for future generations.

Wandering Earth


Day by day, month by month, year by year. Eons have passed since my beginnings and time has become mute. I have lost track of my age, lost track of how long I have existed. Time used to be the thing that nourished me, used to be a dear friend. Now, time is a nuisance that never ends.

Throughout my existence, explosions evoke change to my body. Time pushed everything around, wreaking havoc onto me. I was helpless to stop the changes, for all I have been regarded as is a host.

I harbored the entities that evolved and created humanity. I have witnessed every crime humanity has caused. The few good people who helped protect others or tried to preserve me were killed too young. The sanctity of my body has been ravaged by humanity.

Blood has been spilt and stained my soil red. What used to be green, fertile land has become a desolated desert. Beautiful blue bodies of water have become diluted and polluted brown. My soil can no longer support the food that gives life to humans, the rivers can no longer nourish life.

As time progresses, I weep at the sights humanity has wrought. My body feels so ill, I believe I might die. Death seems to be the only certainty for those that inhabit me, but death cannot affect me. It cannot affect me until all of myself has become a wasteland.

Humanity rips apart my body in their own ways. The fumes of my ancient inhabitants pollute my air, weakening my ability to breath. The unnatural man-made chemicals that enter my bodies of water make me sick. Great metal beasts tear apart the fertile land that hosts beautiful animals, beautiful flowers. I shriek from the pain and cry and shiver so strong, I cannot bring myself to bear everything. I try to kill myself.

Ripping apart my body, sending earthquakes all around. Producing hurricanes and tornadoes so powerful that it destroys not only humans, but myself as well. Fires so powerful, no amount of water can quench it. Snow so powerful, it can end life as it moves. Not only do I manage to kill some of the parasites, I also harm myself in such a way, I know that I am one step closer to killing myself.

Try as I might to end my life, everything I do does not do enough to end my life. Time becomes a nuisance. Humanity has become a nuisance. I am the host that succumbs to the nuisances. The parasites have taken control of my body, slowly destroying me as time progresses. The excruciating pain sends my entire body into tears, knowing that I am unable to shake off the parasitic demons.

While time goes on, I suffer. There is nothing that I, Terra Firma, can do. Is there no way to escape this horror? Eventually I shall, however, eons more must pass. I can only wait until my time comes to an end.

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