Human Blood

It is not right to hurt someone for being different. No one should have to suffer for not following the norm, for being unique. Yet out society chooses to outcast various groups of people. This is wrong and inhumane and becomes criminal when someone is assaulted for simply being different. We are all human, no one is less than that.


Human Blood

Why was I attacked?

I’m just different, a little quirky

And always a little nerdy;

Sure I didn’t have many friends,

And I liked the wrong people…

But I am just who I am.

I can feel the blood rise,

But I can’t move, my bones are broken,

And my whole body quakes.

I feel the blood in my throat,

The blood leaving my body

And staining the ground beneath.

All I ask to my homophobic attackers

Is a two word question: Why me?

I am simply human like you.

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