Losing Life

A short poem entitled Losing Life. No matter the actions taken, we cannot escape the inevitable.

With every breath, I lose life;

With every step, I lose life;

With every moment that passes, I lose life,

Because, as time moves on, we lose life

And move closer to death; at death, we lose life,

And, in the end, life is always taken.

In The Sky

Getting to fly, you get to escape many of the things that trouble us. We get to escape the horrors that are occurring in our lives. By being in the sky, we can attempt to forget the what is going on beneath us.


In The Sky


High in the clouds,

Where only blue and white

Exist during the light of day,

Where birds fly by my side,

I leave behind the horrors

Of the solid earth;

I hear no sounds

Of the terrors I have left.


Lost and forgotten

Sat the caged bird.

Despite being in a protective space, a cage can have adverse effects on people. Being stuck in a cage, real or imaginary, can sometimes break a person, down to the point of depression. There are times when solitude brings enlightenment, but being lost and forgotten does nothing but make you feel lost.