Whistling Ground

Whistling Ground


The hum of the earth

Is music to the ears of humanity,

Forever pleasant to all of earth’s inhabitants.

Disruptions often are common,

But the hum always corrects itself,

Continuing to be a sweet honey

That soothes the souls of all;

All of the animals and the flowers.

The ground of the earth acts the part

Of gracious host, providing its guests

Places to live, places with food, places to die;

For the grounds hold all,

And the whistling earth provides pleasant

Music. The music crosses boundaries,

Reaches the young and the old, the

Brave and cowardly, saints and criminals,

Rich and poor, beautiful and ugly.

Everyone hears the hymn of the grounds,

It sounds the same in the ears of every

Race and ethnicity, members of every creed,

Every subject of flora and fauna;

The hymn falls on every ear and soul,

It falls upon the living and the dead.

The dead are kept peaceful by the hymn;

It is what keeps the dead entertained

And they hear the whistling louder in the ground

For as long as the song rings on,

For as long as ears are open to hear it,

As long as even the dead hear it,

The earth itself lives on and

The whistling grounds forever sing.


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