Protecting My Soul

The whole world is horrifying, damaging everything and everyone. We as humans must do our best to protect our souls from becoming engulfed by the absolute color of black.

Protecting My Soul


Black fields intrude upon

My peaceful and tranquil soul,

Looking to extinguish

What makes me who I am.

Creeping towards the center

Black shards lash out

To steal moments of joy.

White light shines through

Saving the blue

As best it can.

Docile blue soul cannot fight,

Troubling trauma from being abused

Has rendered it weak and fragile.

Moments of hopeful joy

Shine through,

Hoping to quell the black

That intrudes upon my soul,

Trying to break my spirit

From deep within me.

The only hope that remains

Is that the black does not enclose the center

And hope and peace expel the darkness.

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