Gun Sit-In

Photo credit to CNN

At this point, I’ve had enough with the inaction of Congress. I agree with the sit in that was initiated by the Democratic House members because it is silly. This is so silly and pathetic my mind cannot comprehend how little the majority of the GOP seem to care.This will be a rant. If people are not interested in this or are not interested in political news, that is completely fine. There is no harm done.

One of the most prominent figures from the 1960s civil rights era has begun a sit-in on the House floor due to the inaction of Congress and how the GOP refuses to impose stricter restrictions on people who have been on the terror watch list. All because they want more money to flow in their pockets. Apparently “green paper is more valuable than red blood” because of the tight hold that the NRA has over GOP officials(CNN). At this point, it has become pathetic the inaction and partisan split in both houses. 

The Senate isn’t off the hook either. Despite the support of some senators who have joined them, it has been majority Democrats. Few Republicans are going down with them. But it was up to the Senate this week to push legislation through and theg failed to do so. They failed themselves and they have failed the American people.

Both parties have damned this nation. Both parties are to blame and are at fault. They failed this nation and its people for their desire for more money or glory. They need to set aside their petty goals and focus on the common good for the American people. Isn’t that what Congress is supposed to do? 

Honestly, I am sick of this. The inaction and worthless desires of a select few. What harm is it to bar people who are or have been on the terror watch list from buying guns? What harm will it do? It is sickening to see that our elected officials care more for worthless paper than human lives that can make great things! 

Get your act together Congress. Bar certain groups from buying guns to protect the general populace. Protect your people, the people you represent, from harm. By doing nothing, you harm us.

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