Orlando Poem


I already posted what I am about to post, but the previous post had several errors. This is a fixed version of my poem “Orlando” which I posted last week, roughly. Today, I give my finalized version.


Death has followed the city

And engulfed us in pitch black

Darkness, shutting out light

And the hopes and dreams of many;

A young singer gunned down,

49 people of all walks of life,

And a 2 year old baby boy,

All with bright and long futures,

All snuffed out within a few days.

Peace has been raped by the darkness,

No light or hope can break the black,

No matter the efforts of others.


Her smile was as brilliant as ever,

The life radiated off her body,

Bringing smiles to us, her fans,

And giving her such a youthful look.

She greeted us with open arms,

Taking pictures and posing with us.

I was close to her, just a few people

In front of me, waiting for my turn

With that bright ray of light.

A gun shot rings out and we all duck,

Screams of pain and anger sing,

And she lies on the ground,

Blood seeping out of her body.

Please get up!


The music is intoxicating,

Moving our bodies and the bodies

Of the dancers; Latin night

Is in full swing and the drinks

Flow from the bar to our hands.

People dance to the strobe lights,

Others are enjoying the food, watching TV,

But no matter who is doing what,

We are all enjoying these exciting moments.

Gun shots ring out, screams form

And escape. For some, those screams

Stay in their throats, faces frozen,

Terror filling their last moments,

Shock in their eyes and in the minds of the rest.

I was in a dark corner and stayed,

Hoping to survive this assault.

More gunshots. Pause. More bullets fly.

Tears run down my face,

My screams join the rest,

I want to move but I can’t;

While I curl myself into a ball,

Others are running to the exits,

Hoping to not get killed.

They run, some lie on the floor,

Others are shot down by him,

A guy we thought was one of us.

Yet the hyena laughs as bullets pepper

The walls, the floor and the people

That are falling dead, terrified expressions

Imprinted on their faces, their blood spilling

And flowing towards me, staining

My clothing and the clothing of others.

More bullets. More pauses. He is laughing.

Laughing at our pain, feeding off of it,

As if he were some sort of parasite.

I lie down completely, face down,

My tears mixing with the blood of

Friends, my body convulsing from horror.

His laugh is so frightening, as if

He were enjoying this, enjoying our death.

I shut my eyes and pray,

Wish for a ray of hope.


Where Mommy and Papa?

It dark and cold.

Mommy? Papa? Where you?

Where sister?

It dark. Water. I wet.

Yay! Playtime!

Music. Bright light back.

Keep play. Wet fun!

Splash, splash, splash!

Happy to wet.

Mommy! Papa! Wet time!

More splash, water fun!

Water warm, water happy.

I happy, more splash!

Hit water hand.

Feel good, hehe!

Water funny.

More splashy, wet good.

Splash! Ow! Water not wet.

Water hard.

Water eyes?

It long, hard.

It doggie?

I play with wet doggie.

Funny noise.

Big mouth, big teeth.

Yay! Toys!


Rays of light were extinguished,

Leaders of the future lost,

And a city shrouded in black.

More blood spilt in a week

Than desired, more blood than what

Should be spilt in a month,

Innocent blood exposed to horror.

Recovery will be slow,

Some may never truly do,

But as long as people continue

To move and time passes,

The scars will remind us of the

Horrors we have suffered,

Of the struggles that have passed.


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