The Flag


A tribute for what the American flag stood for. Now, the image of America has been corrupted, and people have tried to dishonor our country and our flag. Maybe people will listen and begin to appreciate. Maybe people will begin to ignore the corruption that is occurring.

A brave and true flag

Flies across the skies,

Waving to the people

Of its country, proud

To be in the sky

And stands tall and strong,

Forever a symbol of strength.

When people defile it,

Burn and tear it,

Those people no longer belong,

Belong to a people or a country,

Do not deserve to be a leader.

When politicians use the pride

As a means to justify their actions,

The flag becomes dirtied.

No matter the nation,

The flag is a symbol,

A symbol of hardship and strength

That cannot be raped by others.


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