Voting to protect your mind

While plenty of people are complacent with bring used as sheep by the sheep herder, others aren’t. Because of this, recent headlines in national politics has been featuring the vote of conscience. This can also be known as voting by your personal morals.

Several members of the Rules Committee and delegates have been attempting to push through a rule where if Trump violates the morals of voting delegates, then they can refuse to vote for him. However, what comes after is unclear and can pose serious issues at the convention in Ohio. 

While a sizeable amount do want Trump to be the nominee, an even larger group refuse to accept him as the nominee. What he says has fueled the flame, continued to bring around the hate that people have been trying to abolish. While the vote of conscience may not work and he will go until the general election, it is up to the American people to fight. If this election year is to be historic, then people need to vote for the 3rd party candidates. If enough electoral votes are taken away from the two major parties, then the decision goes to Congress and they despise Trump.

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