The Supposed Issue of the 2nd Amendment.

As people know, this week there was a filibuster in Congress over gun control. While that may work out well for some, it won’t for others. While that may be the objective of some of the senators, it isn’t for most and little will be done despite recent events. Nevertheless, they will try but quite possibly fail. 

While Democrats may continuously try to bar the rights of Americans and our right to bear arms, there are various things that need to be addressed. It isn’t as simple as removing guns from the market. If people are looking for it,  they will find a way to acquire it. People looking to either protect themselves or inflict damage onto others will find a way to possess firearms-either legally or illegaly. And while firearms are the preferred weapon by many who commit mass crimes, that refers to a specific set of people. Killers have used other methods to kills, such as poison, rope, knife and acid, just to name a few. If someone is willing to kill, they do not need a firearm to commit a gruesome crime.

While Democrats do this, Republicans seem to have a complete disregard for laws that restrict the purchase of firearms. They do not seem to care if the person has been on the no-fly list or has been investigated for terrorist ties. They believe that everyone should protect themselves by arming themselves. While they may be right from time to time-same as Democrats-this also causes for reckless decisions on part of the GOP lawmakers. Mass shootings still occur and so do murders elsewhere by other means. Due to their inaction to bar people from purchasing firearms, incidences like Orlando have occured and even gang shootings in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Even accidental deaths occur because lawmakers are unwilling to create laws that could potentially prevent people for puchasing guns, all because they are egotists that will refuse to look at statistics. 

Due to the current make-up of the Senate and the House, very little can be done and little action can be taken. At this moment, the partisanship has grown to such an extent, Senators refuse to listen to members from the other party. Bipartisan support seems to be a thing of the past for it hardly seems to exist, except for cases where the bill requires little debate and is agreed upon. Circumstaces like this though are very rare. You’re more likely to get killed by a coconut than see Congress pass a bill with full support from both parties. Unless both parties are willing to work together, then it is more than likely that another event like this can happen again.

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