Father’s Day?

While people are celebrating their fathers and everything they have done for them, it often times creates awkward situations that need to be explained. See, not everyone has both parents. Some died, some where complete mysteries, and often times, some where abandoned.

I am one of those cases, abandoned by my father at a young age. Because of this I never had a solid male role model in my life, just ones that came and went. I was raised by a single mother who has sacrificed so much for me and my sister to grow up with the best chance for a better and brighter future.

Often times, people always ask about my father and where is he so we could input him into my documents? Well, what about him? He essentially gave up his rights to me when he left and has contributed nothing to help my mom with me. The only legal paper he belongs in is the birth certificate, but instead of father, it should simply say sperm donor. That is all he is to me and I’m positive that there are other people out there that feel the same way about their fathers if they were abandoned as well.

Celebrate the mothers who have worked a double. Thank them for working those two jobs, mother and father put into one. Congratulate them for putting so much time and effort into you. Show them that you appreciate every single thing they have done for you.

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